Friday, May 26, 2006

The Beginning of MITE/MILM Blogging

I am very pleased to begin this module in relation to design of visual representations. I think that my class is relatively good group of students and in general they showed sincere interest in subject matter. Here are some images from my class:

I noticed one concern from students. Some appear to be concerned about their own technical skills. In fact, main idea of this module is that it is to be highly creative and innovative adventure for the participants where they will explore ways how to transform information and data, and express their ideas and knowledge in visual forms. This can be done with very user friendly technologies such as PowerPoint. We will explore some techniques for using Macromedia Flash, however, in general I do not expect high level of technical expertise, and I will be always ready to assist students with my own technical skills to transport their visual design plans into final digital product. In this context I would liek my student to see me as a partner in their leanring.

NOTE: How I made this video?

1. I used Photostory free software from Microsoft to assemble a set of images together in a sequence.
2. I compiled this sequence into a video file.
3. I imported the video file into Macromedia Flash and I exported it as Flash Movie
4. I uploaded Flash Movie into ILN Web Repository and then I displayed it in my blog